Sneakers 1.0 - The New Website

Dotan Nahum, Dec 10

As you might have noticed, Sneakers got a refreshing facelift and a new website!

The goal was both to indicate we're going 1.0, and to set up a worthy go-to place for the now evolving Sneakers community. After a few weeks of fighting simple vs. complex, grand vs. elegant, we finally came at a simple, and elegant visual for Sneakers.


With the new website you can easily quickstart, track versions, read the blog, browse our Wiki based documentation, and see what others are up to.

Join in!

As with the spirit of Sneakers, as a member of the community, you can change anything in the Sneakers landing page, blog, or add a blogpost of your own through submitting a pull request.

Add a post on the Sneakers blog

We're using Middleman and markdown-based blogging similar to Jekyll and Octopress.

Adding a post is a matter of submitting a pull request to the repo, after adding a markdown post of your choosing to source/blog/

One thing to note is that we have a custom support for attribution metadata.

title: The New Website
layout: blog
authors: Dotan Nahum/

You should specify Your Name/ and that will be picked up and rendered into your gravatar and name.

Add yourself onto the front page

There's a section called 'comments', and if you're using Sneakers and you're happy about it - please feel free to leave your mark.

Just add your own comment block in the _comments.html.erb partial:

  <div class="comment">
    <div class="comment-image">
      <img src="<%= gravatar('', 64) %>" alt=""/>
    <div class="comment-content">
      <p>Sneakers is great!, able to deploy and go pro in around one day. We're processing around 1 billion events per day at Corpware.</p>
      <p class="comment-detail">
        John Singleton, CEO at Corpware