Moxy (or moxy) is a programmable mock proxy. It is an HTTP proxy exposing web hooks that you can use in order to tell it what to do, and when to do it.

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Quick Start

Run gem install moxy

As a system executable

$ moxy  # no arguments, default to localhost, 9292
$ moxy 3000 

As a Web app

$ git clone
$ cd moxy; rackup

A web app is great for a dedicated integration server. Moxy will run on any rack handler.

Using Moxy

1. Set http://moxy-host:port as a system proxy, or a proxy in your HTTP library in your code.

2. Issue any number of POSTs to your http://moxy-host:port/__setup__ endpoint with a POST variable named mock_text.

Below are some examples of mock_text (in each, second line describes result).

stub_request :get, ""
(Returns an empty content with 200 HTTP status code)
stub_request(:get, "").to_return(:body => "boo hoo!")
(Returns boo hoo! as content)
stub_request(:get, "").to_return(:body => "boo hoo!", :code => 500)
(Returns boo hoo! as content)

Find out more

Moxy can become a very powerful tool for daily tasks or automated testing. Check out moxy at Github for more details and examples.

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